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Why Carbohydrates Might Be At The Root of Your Dogs Health Problems

Natural dog food may finally be getting the attention it deserves thanks to increasing interest in improving dog nutrition among many concerned pet owners. Just as many people are working to maintain their own nutrition and weight, dog owners are also following suit to improve the quality of their dog’s health. Along with an increased demand for better dog vitamins, natural dog supplements, and healthy natural dog food options such as organic dog food or homemade dog food, more and more conscientious dog owners are shunning so-called health dog food brands known to be full of unhealthy carbohydrates. What’s next? The Atkin’s diet for dogs? Probably not, but it’s somewhat the general idea.

When it comes to your dog, eating a high-carbohydrate diet can cause a lot of harm. By feeding your pet a carefully selected natural dog food such as organic dog food, homemade dog food, or other health dog food blends, you can ensure they get the essential dog nutrition they need to live a longer, healthier life.

Dogs are carnivores and have evolved over time to thrive on diets that are meat and protein-based to maintain the essential dog nutrition they need. Grain-based diets are best left to plant-eating mammals, and do not supply the proper dog vitamins and nutrients for your beloved canine.

Due to poor dog nutrition, many pets, just like humans, are battling an overweight and obesity problem. It is estimated that between 25 and 44 percent of dogs are overweight or obese. The effects of carrying extra pounds cause just as many dog health risks as they do for overweight humans including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and joint-pain.

Unfortunately, most commercial dog foods, even some premium dog health food brands that claim to offer healthy natural dog food, don’t offer the level of dog nutrition you’d expect. Many of these formulas contain high amounts of carbohydrates in the form of grains and starches like sweet potatoes that are less expensive to use in dog food than lean cuts of meat, so they are a popular economical choice.

Here are some reasons why veterinarians and dog health experts consider carbohydrates harmful for canines and recommend an organic dog food diet or homemade dog food diet.

– Improper Use of Teeth Structure: Dogs’ teeth have been adapted for the sharp grabbing of food rather than grinding and crushing against grain. In addition, dogs lack the saliva enzymes necessary to effectively break down carbohydrates, which therefore tax the metabolic system and render it less efficient for exacting the necessary nutrients and dog vitamins your pet needs.

– Decreased Metabolism: Dogs’ digestive tracts are short and designed for quickly digesting animal protein and fat, but not carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates like those found in grains and starches are very difficult to digest and absorb and therefore provide very little energy and few essential dog vitamins.

– Digestion Problems: If you ever watched a dog eat, you know that he eats in large mouthfuls. Often large bits of grain can pass slowly through the intestines undigested. When this happens, your dog is not able to absorb the necessary dog vitamins, nutrients, and dog supplements their bodies require. These large pieces of grain can also cause spasms in the large intestine and elimination problems.

– Inefficient Use of Energy: While carbohydrates provide energy through its breakdown of sugars, fat and protein offer better energy for stamina, endurance, and satiety and overall healthy dog nutrition.

– Improper Mineral Absorption: Grains and starches contain substances called phytates, which can prevent the absorption of key dog vitamins and minerals like, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and iodine. These dog vitamins and minerals then must be provided by a dog supplement. You can also buy turmeric for dogs – and this has been proven to provide many health benefits.

– Kidney Problems: Because grains are gradually digested, they may also tax the kidneys which can result in kidney problems and other dog health risks.

– Weight Gain: Carbohydrates like grains and starches metabolize into glucose, which is needed for immediate energy. If it is not utilized, the extra glucose will get stored as excess fat.

Instead, healthy natural dog food includes nutrient-rich unprocessed fruits and vegetables. The natural and low glycemic foods found in many organic dog food, health dog food, and homemade dog food mixes provide the essential dog vitamins, minerals, and energy needed to promote proper digestion, a healthy immune system, and overall balanced dog nutrition. Protein, with its high amounts of amino acids, is necessary for cellular repair, muscle development and maintenance as well as a strong immune system. A protein-rich natural dog food diet or dog supplement is therefore integral for dogs who are sick or are battling illness.

There are many ways to ensure your pet gets the proper dog nutrition their body craves. Offering homemade dog food, organic dog food, or any blend of natural dog food from a health dog food store is a great way to start. You can also offer a dog supplement to ensure your pet gets the right nutrients they need for a healthy digestive and immune system.

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