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How To Identify & Prevent Lyme Disease In Dogs

Lyme disease is one of the most common tick-borne illnesses in the Northern Hemisphere as well as your dog could be a victim. It really is caused by at least a few species of spirochete bacteria from genus Borrelia. The main cause of Lyme disease in the us is attributed to Borrelia burgdorferi senus stricto along with endemic regions are normally found in the Pacific as well as Atlantic Coast states as well as the Midwest. Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia garinii result in most European situations and the UK offers reported that clicks causing Lyme disease in canines is rapidly escalating.

The dominant overuse injury in dogs is irritation of joints or perhaps recurrent lameness. However Lyme disease also affects the heart, kidneys or perhaps cause neurological problems in your dog. It is important to know about the wide variety of signs as well as the diagnosis, treatment method and prevention of this kind of debilitating disease in your puppy.

Clinical Signs

Many dogs suffering from Lyme disease present with frequent lameness because of inflammation of the joints. Others might develop an acute lameness that might last for a few days however recur days to weeks after with lameness in the very same leg or in one more leg. The affected joints in your dog could be tender to the touch.
Some other dogs may create inflammation in their renal system which could lead to complete kidney failure. Signs may include lack of urge for food, vomiting, diarrhea, weight-loss, increased urination and also thirst and liquid buildup in the tummy and legs of the dog.
Other symptoms of Lyme disease may include lack of breath, fever or depressive disorders.


Body and urine biological materials from your dog will be essential for determining if any kind of organ systems are already affected. A complete bloodstream count, chemistry solar panel and urinalysis are generally obtained along with the diagnostic analyze for the Lyme borrelia. Unfortunately, your specificity of this analytic test is not great, so your veterinarian should be aware this and the fact that the particular symptoms in your dog tend to be a better indicator regarding Lyme disease than the actual bloodstream test.


Antibiotics are the management of choice for Lyme disease in your dog. Doxycycline can often be used, but your vet should be knowledgeable in the present appropriate treatment, which will lasts three to four several weeks. Unfortunately, symptoms to never always completely solve in some dogs. Even with the bacteria are actually fully eradicated from a dog’s system, long-term pain may continue inside your dog.


Because your dog could carry clicks into your home that can also infect you and your children with Lyme disease, it is important to carry out all you can to prevent this particular from happening. If possible, don’t allow your dog within tick-infested areas such as hardwoods or fields the location where the deer population may wander. Grooming your dog everyday and removing clicks by hand is the best avoidance for Lyme disease.

If a fastened tick is found, take it off carefully with good tweezers. Grab the tick as carefully to the skin as you can. Do not apply Vaseline, usually do not touch the mark with a burnt complement or alcohol and never squeeze the body with the tick while it is nonetheless attached. Any of the above activities may cause the break to regurgitate the borrelia microorganisms that live in their intestine back into the skin of one’s dog where it is linked. Save the beat for identification from your vet by putting it in a cup or plastic vial as well as Ziploc bag.
The deer beat is so very tiny and quite often missed when proper grooming your dog. There are a variety involving sprays, liquids as well as collars that are available too to help repel clicks. There is also a vaccine available, however it is best to discuss this method with your veterinarian as he is most experienced in the newest options for pet dogs.

As a pet owner, you will need to be aware of this unpleasant disease and its symptoms, medical diagnosis and treatment options that are offered today for your dog. Even so, prevention of Lyme disease is definitely the finest course of action to ensure the stay healthy of your dog.

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