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Dog Obedience Training Exercises: Developing A Well-Trained Dog

Have you seen the motion picture “Marley and Me”? If you have, then you’ve seen how frustrating Marley can be. He’s the type of pet that any pet dog trainer will not be too pleased to fulfill. He pees everywhere, chews on the living room set, and gets on people. In fact, his owner, portrayed by Owen Wilson, even brought him to a pet dog training class to turn him into a trained pet. Regrettably, the pet fitness instructor quickly provided up on him because he was the worst dog she had actually ever seen. He made an overall mayhem in the class, so he was not enabled to end up the course. That was type of annoying on the part of his owners. Now, if you have a pet dog like Marley, exactly what will you do? Why not attempt these dog obedience training workouts to develop a trained dog?


You have to keep in mind that your dog must constantly sit at your left side with his shoulder at your left knee. To make him comply with the sit command, you have to very first fold the leash in your best hand. Then, call your canine’s name and command sit. Lower on his hindquarters utilizing your left hand and jerk up on the leash with your hand. When he does the sitting position right, applaud him and offer him a treat.

Heeling on Leash

When strolling your canine, his ideal shoulder must have to do with even with your left knee. When the leash turns loose, simply call out your pet’s name and give the heel command. Stroll forward as quickly as you can and then provide a difficult jerk on the leash. Do not drag your pet when you do this. As soon as you jerked him into position, applaud him with words like “Excellent kid!”

About Turn

When you turn away from your pet, do it to your right to reverse your instructions. And as you do it, make sure that you keep your eyes on your dog and then provide numerous brief and quick jerks.


To make your pet dog stay where he is, command him to be in a sitting position. Later on, hold up your hand with the flat of your palm facing him, then inform him to stay. If he does, once again provide him applaud however if not, put him back in position and start once again.


Similar to in the stay command, you can make your pet dog comply with the down command by putting him in a sitting position initially. With him sitting, give the down command, then gradually push on his shoulders and wobble him off balance at the same time. But there’s another way to do this. You can also place the leash between your sole and shoe heel. Then, give the down command and pull up on the leash.

So these are simply a few of the dog obedience training exercises that you can do to develop a well-trained canine. Initially, they might appear challenging. Once you tried them and see effective outcomes, you will understand how satisfying these pet obedience exercises could be not just for your pet but likewise for you.

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