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Dog Missing After Being Struck by Police Car Found Alive and Uninjured

Dog Missing After Being Struck by Police Car Found Alive and Uninjured

Nearly a week after being run down and intentionally struck by a police car, a missing dog was found uninjured and safely captured by animal control officers.


On May 11, after at least 15 Delaware police and animal control officers spent 90-minutes trying to capture a pair of stray dogs at a busy Newark intersection, officers resorted to lethal force, running down the dogs with police cruisers. One dog, a German Shepherd-mix, escaped while the second, a Pit Bull mix, was shot and killed after being struck by the vehicle.

Onlookers said the dogs, both of who were not wearing tags and, police said, appeared to be abandoned, were not behaving aggressively, but were clearly frightened by the ordeal. An animal advocate who stayed on the scene to offer assistance said that, despite the mayhem, one of the dogs made it over to her and put its nose into her hand before police brushed her away.

Because the 15 officers on the scene were unable to capture the dogs, Newark Police officers say they were forced to strike both dogs with their vehicles. The Shepherd-mix ran away after being struck and was not captured.

Believed to be injured and described by police as aggressive, the female shepherd-mix was missing until 6 days later, when a Newark family called Delaware’s Office of Animal Welfare to report a shepherd-mix in their driveway.

Officers arrived and confirmed that the stray dog was the same shepherd-mix that had eluded police after being run down nearly a week earlier. An officer was able to loop a leash around her neck and she was transported to OAW’s shelter partner, the Brandywine Valley SPCA.

The dog is under a mandatory rabies quarantine for 10-days, after which she will undergo a behavioral evaluation to determine if she is a good candidate for adoption.

Published at Mon, 21 May 2018 15:08:51 +0000

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