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Crate Training For Your Pet dog

You need to know that it takes a period of time for your pet dog to like the cage especially when they have an unfavorable relation to it. The first thing you must keep in mind is to be patient and to understand that they do not like the crate, and they require time to conquer it.

Start by feeding your pet every meal in the dog crate. Put the food bowl in the back. Your pet dog now has to go to the back to consume breakfast and dinner. If this is too difficult you might have to put the food in the front of the crate. As your pet begins to get comfortable, you can slowly move it further and further into the crate.

Anytime you offer a reward, toss the reward into the dog crate. Aim to get her to go in the back to get the treat. Once again if this is too stressful put the reward in the front and slowly move it further and even more into the back. Do not shut the door when your dog goes within. At this point we are just working on getting your pet to go into it.

When ever you provide a brand-new toy toss the toy into the back. Always attempt to get him to adopt the toy.

As your she begins to become comfy with the cage you can start to close the door, but do not lock it, while she is consuming. It is necessary that you do not lock the door and that if your dog pushes it the door opens.

Over time as your puppy ends up being comfortable remaining in the crate with the door shut you can begin to lock the door. At first locking the doors need to just be for a couple of seconds to a minute. Once again getting your pet to like it is a steady process that will take a little time.

When you let your pet out, you can make a big offer about it. Appreciation, play, and inform her what a great woman she is, etc. By doing this when your canine comes out your dog will enjoy.

When you need to put your canine in the cage don’t make a big offer over it or hassle. It is necessary that you act very matter-of-fact as you put your pup into the cage. If you start to become emotional it will stress your her out.

The only way to obtain your pet dog to love the dog crate is by associating it as an enjoyable and favorable location to be this can be done by matching it with anything that your canine likes. I once dealt with a canine that loved a plastic watering can. We utilize this as a benefit in you can do the exact same thing with anything that your pet likes. Great luck!

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