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Cage Training an Akita

Present Your Akita to The cage

Place the crate in a room where family members collect or use a lot. A dining space for example is ideal. Put the crate in a corner where it is not in the method of anything. Make the bottom of the dog crate comfortable by putting a couple of blankets inside. Put a few doggy toys and deals with near the door. Take your canine over to the dog crate and speak to him soothingly. Rest near the door and direct your canine to select up a reward just inside of the crate. So he needs to put his head inside. Praise him when he does.

Toss some deals with much deeper into the dog crate so the pet dog has to go into to obtain them. If he does this, then praise him and stroke him. If he declines accept it, do not under any circumstances force him into the cage. This will be his house, a location he will spend a great deal of his time so he must associate it with positive sensations. If he does not go into the crate directly away. Simply continue to coax him with treats and relaxing talk.

When you get him to get in the dog crate start to lock the door for a couple of minutes to begin with. Remain in the exact same room where he can see you and continue to speak with him. Release him after a couple of minutes then duplicate the process.

Start to place the puppy into the cage for five minutes at a time, then 10 minutes. Once you have actually attained this start to put him into the dog crate while you leave the space for a brief time. Gradually increase the time he is in the crate and the length of time you leave the room.

By client training and sluggish incremental actions you will build, his confidence up till he will realise the cage is his location of security.

Michael Bean is an author and dog lover. He lives in the north of England with his household and pet dogs. He is the author of “everything about Your Akita” and hosts the site http://www.yourakita.com

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